About U Day 2017

U Day Festival is a global spiritual music festival celebrating human unity across all cultures, creeds, colours and counties. Bringing together musicians, artist, spiritual leaders, visionaries and peace activists, U Day is a flagship event of growing prominence promoting a message of positivity, intercultural celebration and inter-faith harmony.

The first U Day festival occurred on December 22 & 23 in Chiang, Mai Thailand. Hosted by the Thai Buddhist Sangha (Clergy) the event also included Christians of many denominations, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahai, Jewish and indigenous perspectives. These groups came together in ceremonial unity on the morning of December 23, following the U-Nite! Concert the evening before which brought together musicians and artist from around the world for a musical celebration.

The event was a great success and achieved its aim for fostering greater harmony and positivity. From the beginning of the concept it was intended that U Day would happen every 4 years moving from country to country, leaving behind both a spiritual and a musical legacy.


We envision a world where religious and cultural difference is understood and accepted within a wider context of universal spiritual unity. This spiritual unity, love, is the basis of all relationship and informs our social, economic and political realities.


  1. To provide a visible focal point for the interfaith movement through music and the Arts.
  2. To promote universal spiritual values as the basis for a positive future for humanity and our world.
About U DAY


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