U Day 2017

U DAY 2018 Council of Elders

Lama Doboom Tulku - U DAY 2017 Patron

Lama Doboom Tulku

Lama Doboom Tulku was born in the Kham region of Tibet in 1941 and recognized as the reincarnation of the previous Doboom Tulku at the age of two by Phurchog Jampa Rinpoche. At the age of 12, he joined Drepung Monastery in Central Tibet and studied Buddhist Philosophy. He came to India in 1959, and lived in a monastic camp in West Bengal to continue his studies. At the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies then under the auspices of Sanskrit University, Varanasi, he studied Buddhist Philosophy and received Geshe-Archarya degree in 1972. He was awarded an honorary doctorate degree in Buddhist Studies by the Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University of Bangkok in 1999. From 1972 until March 2011, he worked in various academic, cultural and administrative institutions of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He pursued a millennium project of World Festival of Sacred Music which became a worldwide event with festivals at over dozen venues in different continents.

He is currently engaged in inter-religious and cross-cultural activities through art and culture, as the Founder Managing Trustee of World Buddhist Culture Trust. He is author/editor/compiler of Buddhist Iconography (English, 1989), Buddhist Translations: Problems and Perspectives (English, 1995), Mahayana Buddhism-History and Culture (English, 2008), Buddhist Path to Enlightenment (English, 1996), Gyalwai Choetsul (rgyal bai chos tsul, Tibetan, 2008), Ngulkar Melong (dngul dkar me long , Tibetan, 2011), Dodang Sayi Tenchoe (rdo dang sa yI bstan bcos, Tibetan, 2005), Tsodang Dawai Tenchoe (mtso dang zla bai bstan bchos, Tibetan, 2012) and Words Well Spoken: Maxims of Earth & Stone (English, 2012) and Maxims of Ocean & Moon (English, 2013). He co-authored several academic works.

Mussie Hailu - U DAY 2017 Patron

H.E. Ambassador Mussie Hailu

H.E. Ambassador Mussie Hailu is a peace activist who is working at national, regional and international level in promoting peace, reconciliation, interfaith & inter-cultural harmony, disarmament, world citizenship, building right human relationships, constructive dialogue and building bridges for international cooperation and promoting the teaching of the Golden Rule which says “Treat others the way you want to be treated” as a guiding principle to enhance respect and human dignity. He also actively works against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in Africa.

He served as Diplomat and Ambassador at large. He is a founding member of United Religions Initiative (URI) and currently serving as Global envoy of URI, Representative of URI to the African Union and UN office in Africa, Regional Director of URI for Africa. He also service as special advisor of the African Union –Economic, Social and Cultural Council (AU-ECOSOCC)

He participated for many years at:

  • UN General Assembly in New York
  • African Union Heads of States Summit
  • Peace, environmental protection, security and counter violent extremism conferences at national, regional and international levels.

Amb. Mussie Hailu travels extensively to most parts of the world addressing the issue of Culture of peace, Reconciliation, Environmental Protection, Right human relationships, Interfaith & inter-religious harmony, dialogue among civilizations, eradication of poverty, the need to practice the Golden Rule and Compassion.

Amb. Mussie Hailu promoted people to people relations between many countries and pioneered positive initiatives in Africa including an interfaith movement in his own country of Ethiopia and in many other African countries. He also took the initiative with the Former President of Ethiopia to establish a Council of Former African Heads of States and Governments for Environmental Protection and Climate Change in Africa. His initiative includes a “Declaration for Peace” distributed worldwide during the 50th anniversary of the United Nations in 1995. This declaration was intended to encourage people to make a personal commitment to stand for global peace, human rights, environmental & animal protection, cooperation and International Unity.

After the 1994 genocide in Rwanda he worked with the National and Unity Commission of Rwanda on the issue of peace and reconciliation in Rwanda.

He introduced Golden Rule Day to the world to foster inter-religious, inter-cultural harmony and to build a culture of peace and constructive dialogue and respect in the world. The Golden Rule Day is now celebrated in many parts of the world and he is also the one who drafted the Golden Rule Proclamation which is endorsed by organizations in over 120 countries

Dr. Phramaha Boonchuay Doojai - U DAY 2017 Patron

Dr. Phramaha Boonchuay Doojai

Dr. Phramaha Boonchuay Doojai is a senior Buddhist Monk from Chiang Mai, Thailand where among his many roles he is a lecturer at Graduate School Center, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU). He was also a vice rector of MCU, Chiang Mai Campus. For decades Phramaha Boonchuay has been a leading interfaith activist in Thailand and abroad and is the Chairperson, Asian Interfaith Network on HIV/AIDS. He is also involved in Peace Building in the troubled southern part of Thailand and other parts of the country. He is Vice Chair for the Niwano Peace Prize Committee in Japan and was the Convener and Host for the first U DAY Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2012.

Dr. Kurt Johnson - U DAY 2017 Patron

Dr. Kurt Johnson

Dr. Kurt Johnson is a cofounder of The Interspiritual Network and author of the influential book The Coming Interspiritual Age (2013). An associate of interfaith/interspiritual pioneers Br. Wayne Teasdale and Fr. Thomas Keating, among others, and formerly a Christian contemplative monastic himself, Kurt has also been a major part of the science/spirituality discussion for the last 40 years. A comparative religionist with a PhD also in evolution, Kurt was associated over 25 years with the American Museum of Natural History and the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. Co-author also of books in science (Fine Lines, 2016, on genius in science and art, Nabokov’s Blues, 1999) and in international development (Ethics, Values and the New UN Development Agenda, 2016) he is also President of FIONS, co-founder of Forum 21 Institute and serves on the United Nations committees for Spirituality and Global Affairs and International Yoga Day. He travels widely as part of transformational programs and events.

Meet the U DAY II Creative Director!

Peter Mousaferiadis

Peter Mousaferiadis - U DAY II Creative Director

Peter Mousaferiadis has had an extensive career as a creative director, producer, artistic director, music director, composer and a champion of intercultural dialogue. He has established himself as one of Australia’s leading cross cultural directors. Peter has directed large scale intercultural concerts and ceremonies throughout Australia, China, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

In 2003, Peter founded Cultural Infusion, a global social enterprise that works with schools, youth, and the arts to promote cultural harmony for a more cohesive and richer society. Cultural Infusion delivers programs in India, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Cambodia and throughout Australia. Cultural Infusion has been the recipient of numerous awards including the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Intercultural Innovation Award.

In 2015, Peter was appointed as an Associate to the UNESCO Chair for Intercultural and Interreligious Relations, Asia-Pacific, and elected as a board member of the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria

In 2014, Peter was elected as Global Trustee for United Religions Initiative and in the same year was presented with the Cultural Revolution Award by the Punjab Government of Pakistan in recognition of 25 years’ contribution to cultural diversity through arts and cultural programs.


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