TEX Ethiopia is a project- and travel company specialized in Ethiopia. One of our main activities is supporting the development of Responsible Tourism programs in Ethiopia. We work together with local organizations like NGOs and Tour Operators. Our aim is to support relevant networks and organizations in Ethiopia to use travel and tourism as a tool for sustainable social development. Creating opportunities for vulnerable and deprived groups through tourism is an important part of our mission.

TEX is a brand that promotes Ethiopia as a source of inspiration for the whole world. We like to promote Ethiopia through themes that make them stand out in the world. For example we have developed travel programs from around running, coffee, the Rastafari movement, spirituality and culture, etc. Our travel programs are community based, we always work directly with local people and communities.

In the U DAY festival TEX operates as coordinator and facilitator between the international partners and Ethiopian stakeholders. We guide monitor the operations on the ground and give input towards international networks.

We are very excited to be part of this project. Although the economy in general and the tourism sector are developing rapidly, the general public in the West still has negative ideas about Ethiopia. Negative ideas that are completely unfounded. Ethiopia is a heaven of peace, tolerance and security. We want to show that to the world and we cannot imagine a better way than to host the U DAY 2017 Festival!