U Day 2017

U DAY Festival

Unite the Tribes!

U DAY II: Unite The Tribes!

Our Purpose


We are living at the cross roads of history. Many traditions and spiritual worldviews understand that these days are filled with power and promise. And yet, while there is much progress and advancement, simultaneously things are unravelling and imploding at a staggering rate.

Fear and hate are used as the instrument of segregationist forces, locked in an “Us vs Them” mentality. We see this in both religion and politics. The age long process of evolution towards greater states of increasing unity is being challenged by those whose preference is to build walls of separation and whose method is fear, ignorance and violence, – terror in all its forms.

Meanwhile the urge towards healing, unity and higher consciousness is taking expression across all human endeavour, from the powerful spiritual potential of the interfaith movement to the global emergence of conscious capitalism and social enterprise. This is supported by musicians and artists the world over whose work, at its best, points the way to a higher reality where love is the law in an emerging age of spiritual enlightenment.

The nature of the world’s media, stuck in an old paradigm and feeding the lower instincts of humanity is to focus on the negativity, of which there is no shortage in our world. As a result there is a great deal of important and excellent work been done that fails to attract broad public attention and there are many groups and various movements workings towards common ends that are currently unconnected and often completely unaware of each other’s existence.

The purpose of U DAY is to bring together artists, activists, spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe all who are working for the realisation of universal spiritual values – peace, justice, hope, unity. By coming together with people of good-faith from all walks of life, we support and nurture each other’s endeavours. We draw inspiration and energy from realising that We Are Many – fighting the good fight, each in their own arenas towards Peace & Progress on our planet.

By coming together to enjoy conscious positive music and to have Interspiritual communion with other like-minded people, we grow stronger, develop new connections and help to add power and momentum to the work a hand.

In the struggle between separation, war, fear and regression on one hand and unity, peace, enlightenment and progress on the other there can only be one eventual winner. Drawing on the inspirations and richness of our combined spiritual traditions, and strengthened by a growing community of committed world-changers we stand firm in our faith in victory of Good over evil. U DAY Festival is a celebration of the journey as much as is it a strategy to advance the cause of Unity, Faith, Hope and Love.

U DAY Festival – Gathering the Forces for Good.


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